About Us

I first started practicing massage at Duke University, in an elective course offered in the Physical Education department.  After graduating, I decided to pursue a career in Massage, and enrolled in the Arizona School of Massage Therapy.  ASMT emphasized a comprehensive, holistic approach to massage, and taught a variety of courses covering many different modalities of bodywork.  I found myself most drawn to detailed, specific work like trigger point and structural work.  After graduating Massage School, I found employment in the Spa environment, and spent the next three years working in Spas in Phoenix and Durham.  Even in the context of spa relaxation work, I found myself doing pain relief work, and decided that the best thing for me would be to leave the spa setting and focus exclusively on more advanced work.  I took this step in 2007 and have not regretted it.

In addition to Massage I am a certified Yoga teacher, a Capoeira player and teacher, a food gardener, parent and parent preschool volunteer teacher.