Rates and Payment

Massage for Pain Relief uses a sliding scale to determine the cost of massage.  The following is the range of compensation for each service, and a “going rate” for each service:

60 minutes:  $90 – $40

Going rate: $70


90 minutes: $130 – 75

Going Rate: $100


120 minutes:  $175 – $110

Going Rate:  $135


Acceptable forms of payment are Cash and Check


Why we use a sliding Scale:  We use a sliding scale in order to determine a fair price for massage.  I consider a fair price to be one in which the service is valued appropriately, while at the same time making massage accessible and available to as many people as possible.  The sliding scale is a recognition that the value of a massage is not determined by the price.  The way something is valued is a complicated thing that involves a person’s history, their situation, their relationship to my work and to their budget.  For a person who is struggling financially, or who is poorly compensated for their own work, and needs massage to be healthy, I am happy to accept $40 for an hour of work: within their budget and for their needs $40 reflects that my work is highly valuable, and I am satisfied with that.  For a person who regularly pays $80 for an hour of massage with no stress to their budget, $80 would be a fair price for them to pay for my work.  In neither situation is my work less valuable, and each person has paid what is appropriate within their means and situation.

How we Determine the Price for Massage:  The price you pay for the work is up to you.  I do not ask for any financial information to determine the price for a session.  The sliding scale is based on trust.  You can trust that I will bring my best work to any and all sessions I perform, regardless of compensation.  I trust you to determine what is a fair price for my work within your means.

I have been using the sliding scale for years and have found that my trust in people is generally well founded, and I have not felt that my work was undervalued or that anyone is taking advantage of me.  I sincerely thank all of the wonderful people I have worked with for making the sliding scale something that has been able to meet my needs financially.

What if I don’t want to use the sliding scale?  If you don’t want to participate in our sliding scale policy, I have provided a going rate for each massage service.  The going rate is based on what you would expect to pay for a similar service in our area.  The price of massage varies, as even a brief web search will reveal.  I have endeavored to make the going price what is generally socially accepted as a fair price for massage therapy.